Gina is a professional switch, and she models lingerie, bathing suits, and kink attire. To learn more about booking an appointment or photoshoot with Gina, review the booking policies

Gina discovered her love for kink ten years ago and has been honing her craft ever since. Gina is a welcoming and compassionate guide to those interested in exploring BDSM and other kinks, and a match for even the most experienced and discerning kinksters.

Gina can help you explore your relationship to domination and submission through more than just impact play, bondage, roleplay, and training. In a domme session, Gina embodies a Fortune 500 CEO, a bewitching seductress, a goddess worthy of worship, a queen expecting absolute loyalty and obedience, or a primal predator. In a sub session, Gina is attentive, caring, and enthusiastic, and her demeanor ranges from docile princess to teacher's pet to playful brat to shameless slut to supplicating slave.


Her approach approach gives her clients the opportunity to explore the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of kink. Gina loves human connection and aims to help her clients find what they are looking for. She is also a California certified sexual assault counselor, and that background informs how she interacts with clients. As a trauma-informed provider, Gina is a non-judgmental, empathic listener who enjoys working with clients as they explore the often-ignored parts of their identities.

Gina identifies as a bisexual polyamorous woman and is open to working with disabled clients and clients of all genders, all sexual & relationship orientations, and all races & ethnicities. 





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